The Issues

The Issues

I am running to represent Colorado House Disrtict 50 because I am one of you and I want to ensure that Greeley, Evans, and Garden City continue to have representation that reflects the people it represents. I was born and raised in Greeley. My family is working class and I have seen my parents struggle to provide a better life for me. I want to ensure that every Coloradan continues to enjoy the quality of life that this state has to offer. This means maintaining accessibility to good jobs, a good education, and to your elected officials.


Since the Great Recession, Colorado has seen a decrease in our unemployment rate and it is now one of the lowest in the country. I will to work to ensure that Colorado continues to have a thriving labor force and promotes small business development and technical assistance right here in Northern Colorado.


The state currently spends about $2,000 per student which is less than the national average. Our schools are fighting for a small pool of funding. I will fight to ensure education funding is a priority in our state budget so that we can provide a quality education across Colorado.


It seems like politicians these days are afraid to talk to the people they represent. I will not be afraid to talk to you. As City Councilmember, I have held monthly town halls to ensure my accessibility to residents and have provided a monthly newsletter to update the community on what is going on in their local government. At the state house, I will work to ensure transparency and accessibility in your state government.

There is mistrust in the government right now, no matter what side of the aisle you stand on. People feel that the system is rigged against them. That is one of the reasons why I got involved in politics. At a young age I saw how my voice could promote effective change and since then, I have devoted my life to standing up for people that are unable to stand up for themselves. It is time to empower people to feel excited about the future of their government.