Register to Vote to Support Rochelle Galindo

Register to Vote to Support Rochelle Galindo

As Rochelle Galindo begins her campaign for Colorado House District 50, she would like to remind her supporters to register to vote and update your registration to your current address! Voting is the cornerstone of American democracy and politics. Donations aside, the best way to support Rochelle Galindo become your next Colorado House District 50 representative is to register to vote and vote for her!

How to Register to Vote in Colorado

The most convenient way to register or update is online! Remember to have your valid Colorado identification card or driver’s license ready! You can also mail, email, or fax the Colorado Voter Registration Form (Form 100) to your county clerk’s office.

There are several ways to register in person. Register at your county clerk’s office, or at a Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles when you apply for or renew an identification card or driver’s license. It is also possible to register at various public assistance and military recruitment offices and voter service and polling centers.

Colorado residents in the military, oversea, or out of state can also register by following the links at the Go Vote Colorado website or by submitting Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application (Form 76) to your county clerk’s office.

Registration Deadlines

Registration deadlines are determined by the method of registration. You can register to vote up to and including on election day. Mail and online registration must be completed at least 8 days prior to election day. Registrations from registration drives must be received 22 days prior to election day.

Support Rochelle Galindo Today

Support Rochelle Galindo in her run for Colorado State House District 50 and register to vote if you are not already registered. Also, you will only receive your mail in ballot if you have updated your registration to your current address! Be sure to vote for her on Tuesday November 6, 2018! Stay in touch by joining the campaigns mailing list:

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